Sync for iOS and macOS Apps

"Sync is hard." How often have you heard that from app developers? Well, it just got a lot easier.

Ensembles is the sync secret behind many of the most popular and well-built apps in the Apple ecosystem. Developing a sync solution can be challenging, and takes time away from adding the features that really distinguish your app from its competitors.

Ensembles makes adding sync to your iOS, macOS, and tvOS apps as straightforward as adding any other new feature, and you will save months of development time in the process.

You no longer have to develop a full cloud service in an unfamiliar programming language, or pepper your app with networking code. And you don't have to pay exorbitant fees to a cloud vendor to host your app's data.

Ensembles adds robust, seamless sync of Core Data persistent stores to your iOS, macOS, and tvOS apps. Best of all, it starts at free, and you can take your pick of cloud storage providers, including free services like iCloud/CloudKit and Dropbox.

Some of the Great Apps using Ensembles...

Core Data Sync

Ensembles is an Objective-C synchronization framework for apps using Apple's Core Data. It works great with Swift too.


Because it is a peer-to-peer sync, it doesn't require any server-side development, and can be used out-of-the-box with services like iCloud and Dropbox.

Backend Agnostic

Ensembles can be extended to support any service capable of storing files, including custom servers. No more vendor lock in.

The Book

Even though Ensembles makes sync about as simple as can be, it's still good to know how it works, what changes are needed, and what issues can arise. 

The book Core Data Synchronization with Ensembles by Drew McCormack (currently BETA) has the answers. Available for free on Leanpub now.

Ensembles 2

Ensembles 2 is a drop-in replacement for the open-source Ensembles 1.x framework, and it includes big reductions in memory usage and cloud storage, and support for additional backends (e.g. CloudKit).

Ensembles 2 is included when you purchase any of the Ensembles packages.

Packages also help you kick start your team's development with high quality documentation and support from the Ensembles developers.

Open Source

Ensembles 1.x is available under the open source MIT license. You can download the source code from GitHub. You are free to take the source code and add sync to any iOS or OS X app with no strings attached.

Ensembles 2 is not available under an open source license, but full source code is available with some packages.