CloudKit Sharing Available in Ensembles 2.5.1

Ensembles 2.5.1 has just been released, and it includes support for CloudKit sharing. You can privately share any Core Data persistent store between one or more iCloud users. The store can be updated by any of the users, and there is no charge to the developer — data is 'billed' to the iCloud account of the user sharing the store.

You can share each persistent store with a single group of iCloud users. This allows for various approaches to sharing. For example, you could share all the data in the app between one group, or you could split your data across multiple persistent stores, and share each one with a different group.

If you own an Ensembles license, you can get the latest version using the download link in your original purchase email. (Contact if you have lost it.) More information on how to setup sharing can be found in the CDECloudKitFileSystem.h file.