The Core Data Sync Deprecation Sale

Apple announced a number of great improvements to Core Data and CloudKit this week at WWDC, and one significant deprecation: Core Data sync. 

Apple made no mention of the deprecation at all, or any mention of their future plans regarding sync. It is possible that the new generational features are designed to provide the basis of a future, hopefully more robust, Core Data sync. Whatever the case, we probably won't see such a feature for another year at least.

In the meantime, anyone who has adopted Core Data sync is left in limbo. A deprecation is by no means a death sentence — the sync will likely continue to work as it does today for years to come — but there will presumably be no improvements and a degradation over time.

That's why we had decided that now is a good time for a sale, the Core Data Sync Deprecation Sale. If you move to Ensembles now, you not only get the usual support, documentation, and source code, you also get it all at half the standard price. 

Hopefully that takes some of the bite out of Apple's non-announcement.

Update: This sale has now ended.